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Tettenhall Observer & Advertiser


The Tettenhall Observer and Advertiser was the local newspaper that first published Guy at an early age, in the Children's section edited by his mother, Elizabeth M. Weale. He was still at school when he wrote these stories, from the ages of 12 to 18.

Over fifty stories and other pieces of writing were published, though I'm not convinced we have a complete list, especially given the images below. Many were later collected together in Fifty Tales from the Fifties, which I seem to have lost.

Unfortunately, there's next to no information online about the Tettenhall Observer and Advertiser. There are no images of the newspaper whatsoever, let alone Guy's contributions to it, so you'll have to forgive the reuse of the previous titles in the banner above. There's almost nothing available even in text form; googling just returns a number of Guy N. Smith-related sites, mostly reprinting his standard biography, and a few official mentions that there are copies held in the Wolverhampton Archives. Hopefully someone will be able to make a field trip there and trawl through to put a proper list together.

All we really have is the following list that Guy compiled a few decades ago and the handwritten manuscripts of some of the stories, from which Shane Agnew kindly shared the images below. Thanks, Shane!

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Adventure Stories

  1. The Sultan's Treasure (5 episodes)
  2. The Mysterious Rescuer
  3. Masai Country
  4. The Quest of the White Elephant (4 episodes)
  5. Cannibal Island
  6. The Diver
  7. The Monster in the Loch (2 episodes)
  8. Destination Botany Bay (2 episodes)
  9. Peril in China (4 episodes)
  10. Black Anthony

Robin Hood

  1. A Trap for Robin Hood
  2. Robin Hood Tricks the King
  3. Robin Hood's Night Adventure
  4. Robin Hood versus Witchcraft (2 episodes)

Stan Webster, GNS's Observer detective

  1. The Counterfeiters (4 episodes)
  2. The Case of the Man from India
  3. The Pellini Affair (4 episodes)
  4. The Hooded Blackbird (5 episodes)
  5. The Haunted Manor Mystery (4 episodes)
  6. The Man in Seat 13
  7. The Case of the Perfect Alibi (2 episodes)
  8. The Case of the Jail-Breakers (2 episodes)
  9. Star of China (5 episodes)
  10. Flight to Amsterdam (5 episodes)
  11. The Case of the Old Oil-Painting (3 episodes)

Crime and Mystery

  1. The Wraith Intervenes (4 episodes)
  2. The Big Talker
  3. Case File: Lucifer
  4. The Brotherhood of the Viper
  5. The Frame-Up
  6. Ghostly Vengeance

Science Fiction

  1. Space Pirates
  2. Monsters of the Moon (5 episodes)
  3. Menace from Mars (5 episodes)
  4. The Beast from Space (5 episodes)


  1. Interview with a Famous Cowboy
  2. The Trail of Death (3 episodes)
  3. The Saga of the Black Bandit
  4. The Avenging Parrot
  5. Prairie Treasure
  6. Wild West Willie (2 episodes)
  7. Desert Flight (4 episodes)
  8. The Battle of the Little Big Horn
  9. Siringo (3 episodes)
  10. Scourge of the South West (4 episodes)
  11. Fresno (4 episodes)
  12. The Return of Kid Clive
  13. Duel at Tombstone
  14. Cowboy Quiz


  1. Corporal Clark of the Canadian Mounties (Mounties)
  2. The Coming of Kildare (Mounties, 2 episodes)
  3. There's Always a Scrooge at Christmas (festive, 27 Dec 1956)
  4. A Shock for Aunt Maria (fiction)
  5. Modern Gramophone Records (feature)
  6. Silence is Painful (war)
  7. There's No Smoke without Fire (school)
  8. The Secret of the Picture (school)

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