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GNS has been anthologised in periodicals much more often than in anthologies, even if we exclude well known spikes in his output for Tettenhall Observer & Advertiser, Our Boys, The Sporting Post and London Mystery.

This page lists all of his short stories (of which we're currently aware) that have been published in newspapers, magazines and fanzines.

Thanks to Shane Agnew, Paul Evans and Ewan Brownlow for their help in adding missing information and/or cover images.

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The List

  1. Odell's Retirement
  2. Dawn Rendezvous
  3. These short stories were published in a British comics fanzine called Thing, which would continue to publish Guy for another couple of years. Odell's Retirement, presumably a Raymond Odell detective story, was published in #5 and Dawn Rendezvous in #6.


  4. The Second Wife
  5. This short story was published in The Sunday Mail on 25th June, 1972.

  6. Dressed to Kill
  7. The Lion of Waakerstroom
  8. Concrete Evidence
  9. Quick Change Artist
  10. These are more short stories published in Thing. Dressed to Kill was a two-part story split between issues #7 and #8, while Concrete Evidence followed suit in #10 and #11. Quick Change Artist was in #12. It seems likely that The Lion of Waakerstroom filled the gap in #9.

  11. Ratman in London
  12. Seekers of Blood
  13. These short stories were published in another comics fanzine, Fantasy Unlimited, which was edited by Alan Austin, the owner of a comics shop of the same name in Millwall. Presumably Ratman in London, published in #9, tied into Ratmania and Evil Tails, which had appeared the same year in Guy's own publication, Pulp. Seekers of Blood was a horror story in #10.

  14. The Clairvoyant
  15. This supernatural horror story was published in the February 1973 issue of Midland Life and Times.

  16. Mr. Strange's Christmas Dream
  17. This was another story published in the comics fanzine, Fantasy Unlimited, this time in #12. Guy was advertising in this zine so writing for it must have seemed like a natural progression.

  18. You are Shark Bait
  19. This story was published in 1976 in a one-off magazine called Maneater that Gold Star Publishing aimed to cash in on the Jaws craze.

  20. Until Death
  21. Wheels of Evil
  22. These two horror stories were published in issue #3 of the American fanzine, Children of the Night in March 1977.

  23. Early Rising
  24. The White Fox
  25. These two stories are tales about an old marsh man on the east coast and a mythical albino fox, both published in Coast and Country in 1978.

  26. The Doll
  27. This horror tale was published in issue #2 of the British Fantasy Society's Winter Chills in 1987.

  28. Breezin' the Walk
  29. This short story, apparently written in collaboration with Paul A. Collins, was published in #16 of Eldritch Tales (Vol. 5 No. 2) in 1988.

  30. Vampire Village

    This was the first Mark Sabat short story, published in Fantasy Tales for Autumn 1988 (Vol. 10 No. 1) and later collected into Dead Meat.

  31. Come On In and Join Us
  32. Back when Fear was still a bi-monthly magazine, Guy contributed this horror short story to issue #6 for May/June 1989.

  33. The Boxing Day Lesson
  34. Guy wrote many articles for the Shooting Times from 1961-1991. In 1989 he was commissioned to write their traditional Christmas ghost story, virtually the only piece of fiction this weekly publication carried in the year. It ran in the 23-29 November 1989 issue.

  35. The Decoy
  36. Guy returned to Fear in January 1990 for issue #13 with this Crabs story. It was later used as a signed limited edition bonus for the Crabs model kit from the Film and TV Model Club.

  37. The Ginger Bear
  38. Issue #31 of Dark Horizons, an erratic British Fantasy Society publication (issue #30 was Summer 1986 but #31 was 1990), included this story from Guy, along with an article about him written by David Phillips.

  39. The Executioner
  40. This horror story was the cover story for Frighteners #3 in 1991, which was unfortunately their last issue. Read about Frighteners in Obscurities Corner.

  41. The Crabs
  42. Guy's first short story for Peeping Tom, a fiction and art fanzine edited by Stuart Hughes that actually paid its contributors, was this Crabs story for issue #5 in January 1992.

    It was later reprinted in two of Guy's fanzine collections: Mystery & Horror Shorts: 1st Collection and then Horror Shorts: 2nd Collection.

  43. Living Seriously Damages Your Health
  44. This dystopian science fiction story appeared in Invasion of the Liberty Snatchers, a fundraiser for F.O.R.E.S.T. (the Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco) in March 1994. It featured the winning stories in their 1994 short story competition.

  45. Hollow Eyes
  46. Guy allowed editor Adam Bradley to reprint this short story from the Halloween Horrors anthology in issue #5 of Black Tears in 1994.

  47. The Adventure of the Dark Shag
  48. This Sherlock Holmes pastiche, published in Tolerance versus Intolerance in March 1995, was for another F.O.R.E.S.T. fundraiser. This one included the winning stories in their 1995 short story competition.

  49. Pocklington's Walk
  50. This horror story was published in the Spring 1995 issue of Beyond the Boundaries, which was Vol. 1 No. 3.

  51. Bonemeal
  52. After four years, Guy returned to Peeping Tom for issue #22 in April 1996 with this Nazi horror story.

  53. The Grim Reaper
  54. Guy contributed this John Mayo story to the May 1997 issue of Phantoms, which doesn't seem to have been otherwise numbered.

  55. Bullseye
  56. Guy's third Peeping Tom short story was this horror tale in issue #28 in October 1997.

  57. The Taxidermist
  58. This horror story appeared in Twisted Tales #1 in March 1997.

  59. The Silent Shot
  60. This Sherlock Holmes story was published in The Strand Magazine, a second revival of the original, in issue #5 in 2000.

  61. The Splodge
  62. This story, originally published in London Mystery Magazine was reprinted in The Horror Express issue #3 for Winter 2004.

  63. The Last Dragon - Sejd (Denmark)
  64. The Spectator - Comic Catalog (horror)
  65. The Lantern of Death - Comic Catalog (horror)

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