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Short Stories

To suggest that Guy N. Smith is a prolific author would be an understatement. The Broken Backlist contains a wealth of bibliographic information to help you come to grips with what he actually wrote.


This section aims to detail his many short stories, whether published professionally, self-published or still unpublished. It's still under construction so not all links work quite yet.


Here's a Checklist of all 230 stories of which we're aware, without images.

Otherwise, I broke the bibliography of Guy's short stories down into certain sections. Just click to explore or scroll down to see explanations.

Tettenhall Observer and Advertiser | Our Boys | Pulp | Caerlaverock | Dixon Hawke | London Mystery | Chapbooks | Graveyard Rendezvous | Collections | Anthologies | Periodicals | Others

Tettenhall Observer and Advertiser

Tettenhall Observer and Advertiser was the local newspaper that first published Guy at an early age, in the Children's section edited by his mother, Elizabeth M. Weale. He was still at school when he wrote these stories, from the ages of 12 to 18. Over fifty stories and other pieces of writing were published. Many were later collected together in Fifty Tales from the Fifties.

Our Boys

As Guy describes it, Our Boys was "possibly the last of the boys' story papers", which were, of course, his primary influence as a writer. At least eight of his stories were published in 1971 and 1972.


Pulp was a one-off short story compilation written and produced by Guy in September 1972. The cover betrays the most common mistake made by fanzine editors: overconfidence! No, the next issue wasn't litho-duplicated because there wasn't a next issue.


Caerlaverock was a book catalogue, originally known as The Caerlaverock List. While it primarily existed to sell books, it expanded in issue #13 to include fiction, both by Guy and, on occasion, others, until issue #40, its final edition. At that point Guy had moved away from the house which had given the list its name and started Black Hill Collector, which incorporated Caerlaverock for 42 issues.

Dixon Hawke

Guy wrote a number of detective stories featuring D. C Thomson's house detective, Dixon Hawke, which were published anonymously in The Sporting Post. Most were written between April 1971 and June 1978, but Guy returned to the character in 1996.

London Mystery

This paperback quarterly, originally named London Mystery and later London Mystery Selection ran for 132 issues. Towards the end of its run, it published 18 stories by Guy, one of which (The Mummy) received cover artwork.


A few Chapbooks have been dedicated to stories of Guy, both self-published and through small presses.

Graveyard Rendezvous

Unsurprisingly, Guy reprinted many of his short stories in his fan club magazine, Graveyard Rendezvous, but also contributed previously unpublished material too.


For the longest time, collectors had to track Guy's short fiction down in a variety of books, magazines and newspapers. More recently, he's published two Collections of his stories in book form. Before that were four self-published collections in fanzine format.


Guy has been anthologised surprisingly rarely given his prolificity, but his stories still appear in many Anthologies.


In addition to the featured publications already covered, Guy's fiction has been published in a host of other Periodicals, whether they be newspapers, magazines or fanzines, across his entire career as a writer.


Here's where I'm covering everything else, such as event programmes, that included Guy's fiction but don't fit into any of the categories above so count as Others.

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