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Graveyard Rendezvous


Guy has always been an easy focus for collectors because collecting him never ends. When you think that you've found everything he's published, a whole new area of his work opens up and you realise that you have a long way to go. Perhaps this is why Andrew Hurst of Dartford started his own Guy N. Smith fanzine, which he described in the first issue's editorial as 'a fanzine for the fans by the fans'.

Andy published five issues, starting in 1993, which used a large format but not quite so tall as A4, which is what it became when he passed the torch on to Sandra Sharp who Guy appointed as editor of what was now his fan club magazine. I was proud to handle the layout from #16 to #20, during her tenure. Daniel Windley took over as editor with issue #23, which saw a change to A4 folded size. The final editorial shift was to Ceri Steadman, who took over as of issue #35, at which point it changed from being a black and white photocopied affair to being printed in colour. She remained in place until what has been the final issue thus far, #41.

All that leaves just one further bibliographical note, which is that there's one extra issue that was never numbered. It's Summer 2009 and it sits in between issues #34 (2008) and #35 (2010).

Here are the issues that marked an editorial change: #1 (Andrew Hurst), #6 (Sandra Sharp), #23 (Daniel Windley) and #35 (Ceri Steadman).

The fanzine included a wide variety of material. In the Andy Hurst days, it focused on Guy's writing, even if it was in such ingenious ways as through an 'interview' with Cliff Davenport. However, there was material by Guy from the very beginning, as that first issue included an original short story, Shooting on the Moss, and the second began a serialisation of his German werewolf novel, Night of the Werewolf, its first publication in the English language.

Once it became a fan club magazine, the focus shifted to Guy and his interests, though there had been elements of this earlier, such as in The Old Bride's Column, written by Guy's wife, Jean. A number of further columns were gradually introduced, including one from Wayne Donahue, after one of Guy's books saved his life, and another that outlined the latest happenings on Loch Ness. Fan fiction became a strong focus too and I was honoured that a few of my short stories were published in Graveyard Rendezvous.

As a life member of the fan club (a bargain at the price), I was entitled to a copy of each issue, but I seem to be missing a few. In the meantime, I've included covers below for everything I have and Shane Agnew has kindly provided most of my gaps. Thanks, Shane!

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Here are Guy's short story contributions to Graveyard Rendezvous over the years. It also serialised both Night of the Werewolf (issues 2-13) and Blackout (issues 24-31) before those novels were published in book form in English.

Issue Date Title Source
1 1992 Shooting on the Moss previously unpublished
2 1993 The Ghouls previously unpublished
3 1994 The Crabs Peeping Tom #5
4 1994 The Lurkers previously unpublished
6 1995 The Executioner Frighteners #3
6 1995 The Hangman London Mystery Selection #131
9 1995 Cannibal Island Our Boys (March 1972)
14 1996 Mr. Strange's Christmas Dream Fantasy Unlimited #12
16 1997 The Case of the Ostrich Slasher previously unpublished
17 1997 The Book of Lies previously unpublished
18 1994 The Lurkers Graveyard Rendezvous #4
2009 Hounds from Hades Horror Shorts: 1st Collection
35 2010 The Howling on the Moors previously unpublished
36 2010 The Brain Crawlers (part 1) Pulp
36 2010 Hollow Eyes Halloween Horrors
37 2010 The Brain Crawlers (part 2) Pulp
37 2010 Death in the Snow The Countryman's Weekly
38 2011 The Brain Crawlers (part 3) Pulp
38 2011 Case File: Lucifer Tettenhall Observer and Advertiser
39 2011 The Brain Crawlers (part 4) Pulp
39 2011 The Waiting Game Pulp
40 2011 I Couldn't Care Less previously unpublished
41 2012 The Grim Reaper Phantoms (May 1997)


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