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Historically, chapbooks were small publications, usually less than 24 pages, which were priced cheaply and with a print quality to match. Most have not survived. Nowadays, the term is usually assigned to similarly small publications that might include a short story or a few poems, but often in better quality, limited and collectible editions.

Guy has published a few chapbooks, beginning with The Cadaver, which aimed to celebrate the 100th issue of his sales list, Black Hill Collector. Later chapbooks were published by Ghostwriter Publications.

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The Cadaver

The Cadaver was a limited edition chapbook published by Guy Smith Associates on 21st November, 1991. It cost £10.50, even though it only ran a mere ten pages. However it was individually numbered and signed by both author and artist, who was Guy's daughter, Tara Smith.

This chapbook included two short stories: The Cadaver and The Crabs' Armada, which got its own 'cover image' on page 12.

  • The Cadaver was later expanded to novel length and published under the same name, The Cadaver by Severn House.
  • The Crabs' Armada was later reprinted under the new title of Crabs Armada in the Black Hill Books collection, Crabs Omnibus.

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