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Especially in the early days, when Guy was most prolific, he pitched a lot of novel ideas to publishers that weren't accepted (or were in altered ways). Some tied to the series we know and love, while others were standalone novels or pitches for different series entirely.

Typescripts of such potential novels have long done the rounds on the collector's circuit and they're a fascinating glimpse into what could have been.

Here are a few that I posted to Cold Dead Hand back in 2010. Hopefully I'll be better at adding more here than I was there.


Crab Fury
Crabs: The Flesh Eaters
Crabs: The Return
The Crabs: The Survivors
The Jonah
The Scavenger's Daughter
The Soul Hunters
Zombie Apache

Mark Sabat

  1. The Graveyard Vultures
  2. The Blood Merchants
  3. Cannibal Cult
  4. The Druid Connection
  5. The Soul Stealers
  6. The Shaitan
  7. The Anti-Christ

Satan's Isle
The Exhumed
A Life for a Death


The Black Dogs
The Viking Witch


The Vandal Empire
The Thirty Three Hostages
The Missing Atom Bomb


The Succubus
Island of the Damned

Other Fiction

The Atheist
Badger Island
Bamboo Traitor
Chain Reaction / Holocaust
Flesh Cargoes / Girls Below Deck / Hell Trawlers / Girl Traders
The Hunted
The Legend of the Black Ape
The Man Who Hated Banks
Night of the Floods
The Night Walker
Operation Ice / Death Trawl
The Poachers
Sea Frenzy / Frenzied Flesh / The Slavers / Hell Trawlers
Set My People Free
The Sex Stealers

Non Fiction

A Guide to Better Loving
Organic Smallholding for Health and Profit
The Sheer Joys of Uninhibited Love

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