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Welcome to Smithland, which used to be the Official Guy N. Smith website from 1998 to 2003 (at smithland.co.uk) and is now an accompanying fan site to the Official Website of Guy N. Smith (guynsmith.com).

Guy kindly wrote a brief Autobiography for me back in 1998.

Broken Backlist

The Broken Backlist is the heart of this site. It's the most detailed Guy N. Smith bibliography online.

If you're a collector and you want to check your collection against what exists (or against what I know about), then the Checklist is probably what you're looking for.

Otherwise, explore to find all Guy's horror novels from Werewolf by Moonlight to Carnage with covers and information on all editions. There's also a huge list of foreign editions, again with covers and publication details.

You'll also find plenty of books that you may not realise Guy wrote. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, anyone? Sexy Confessions of a Games Mistress? Moles and Their Control? Guy has written a popular range of children's novels and an authoritative set of non fiction works on field sports and countryside living, as well as books in the historical, thriller, war, western and porn genres.

I've compiled an extensive list of Guy's Short Stories.

I'm also working on documenting Guy's Short Porn. No images here for that and, needless to say, that section is provided for adults only. Otherwise you might read words that you don't understand and even see boobs.

Obscurities Corner

Guy is so prolific and so active that collectors who have extended their collections from just novels to foreign editions and short stories can be easily detoured into all sorts of ephemera. He wrote many synopses for novels never written (including some in established series), stacks of mostly anonymous porn stories in obscure magazines (even swathes of 'Readers' Letters') and even published fiction in a catalogue he ran as a book dealer.

Obscurities Corner is where I'm hosting all sorts of obscurities that aren't available to view elsewhere.

Right now I have pages for Adventure Strip Weekly, comparisons of book covers with their original art, proof covers that never made it (plus some that did), transcriptions of synopses for books pitched but never written, and a runthrough of books that Guy completed but have never been published.

There are also articles on Guy's first book catalogue, Caerlaverock; Frighteners magazine from 1991; Russian editions of Guy's books, authorised or not; and the Sexy Confessions porn books he wrote for Tabor in the early seventies.

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Last update: 4th June, 2019